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If you are looking for the limited assurance of financial statement review, you have come to the right place. At WMBO CPA Group we provide professional financial statement reviewing services in Georgia & the Southeast Region.

Financial statement reviewing services can provide limited assurance to creditors, investors and stakeholders that material changes are not necessary, to the financial statement. A financial statement review is not as in-depth or thorough as an audit, but does include inquiry and analytical procedures to be applied to financial statements.

Before a financial statement review can be provided, the statements need to be compiled. The statements used for review are those from management and not from the accountant. Management members will need to understand the financial statements. A review must be carried out by an independent service provider who must also ensure that all notes are included in the reviewed statements.

The General Process of a Financial Statement Review

Inquiries are made into the following business processes:

  • Accounting principles and practices being used.
  • Record keeping procedures and practices.
  • Accounting policies.
  • Actions taken by the board of directors.
  • Any changes experienced in the business activities.
  • Bank statement reconciliations.

The accountant will then scrutinize the statements for any potentially irregular items or trends in the financial statements. If any are found, an explanation must be sought out. Generally speaking, financial statement reviews are used to uncover any irregularities within the financial statements without having to carry out a thorough audit.

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If you are seeking out financial statement reviewing services in Georgia or the Southeast Region, we at WMBO CPA Group would be delighted to assist. We provide a thorough and professional service to present a review that will be deemed fit for presentation to your investors, creditors and stakeholders.

For more information and advice on our financial statement reviewing services in Georgia & the Southeast, contact us  today.

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